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Behind the Scenes. Behind the Smiles Lies a Very Different Story. A Very Important Message

Anita McLachlan - 11th October 2017

It was so much fun! But behind the smiles there are stories. These gorgeous girls are united by their stories and are very passionate about helping other women to harness theirs.

It's about just taking the step, the leap to getting into a swimsuit and making the most of precious summer breaks with family and friends. Whatever your shape, size or age.

A loss of swimsuit confidence doesn't discriminate. It's not a 'bigger girl thing'. It's not a middle age woman thing. But it IS very much a thing. Why? That's a good question. After talking to 100's of women about this over the years, it's the physical changes that our bodies go through that contributes to the self doubt, the loathing. It's putting ourselves last, behind the kids, aging parents and partners that we just forget who we are and how to be that again. The reasons are endless. But the outcome is the same. And you are not alone.

Finding THAT swimsuit is possible. THAT swimsuit that you feel good in. Good enough to play on the sand and in the pool with the kids... with the grand kids. Good enough go on that weekend away with the girls and feel like you truly belong. Good enough to go on that precious break and squeeze every last drop of enjoyment, of happiness from it. The list goes on.

Karen, Clair, Katrina, Helen, Fiona,Kate, Liz and Evie. The stars of this video. Everyday girls, women who blog in Brisbane but have other full time jobs too. Each have their own Cossie Confidence story (more of that to come) Each determined to encourage other women to break through and find theirs.

Being part of our photo shoot, creating this message our took balls! Pushing through your insecurities, your doubts to bring so much beauty, gorgeousness and sunshine. Thank you girls. You are all and each, amazing.

Bec and Brittany were behind the camera, behind the video camera capturing the essence, the spirit of the day brilliantly. And Ellysha and Clair, waving their magic makeup wands about to help us look and feel special. Thank you.

We hope you get a little something out of this video. That it sets off a spark, a gentle push to YOUR Cossie Confidence. To your best summer yet.

Happy summer Beach Bunnies!
Here's to your summer, to your #CossieConfidence.

{And watch out! There's more to come}...
Anita xx

Here's a bit more about those amazing women on this mission:
Clair Seymour - Clair Seymour Creative (Brisbane based blogger and make up artist). Talent + in so many ways. Clair without hesitation wanted to be part of this day and the Cossie Confidence message having her own insecurities in the past to overcome. She's such a sweetheart. Ellysha helped Clair on the day to get us makeup ready! Thanks Ellysha @Makeupbyellysha for all your help.

Karen from Style Lovin' 2 - a fabulouse Brissie based fashion blogger who just gets it; Mum & Grand Mother too. Karen wrote a great article last summer about getting into the right swimsuit and it was so well received, striking a chord with so many. Karen didn't hesitate when asked to be part of delivering the Cossie Confidence message again this year. Thank you Karen. Ever professional and passionate. A wicked combo!

Katrina from Sista With Style - teacher and blogger with a knock-out smile, who knows first hand the challenges of getting #CossieConfidence back after breast cancer. Amazing.

Kate McFarlane - a Sequins and Sand brand rep who said 'yes!!' to this shoot. Not having experienced such a thing before, Kate dove right in... all the way from Christmas Is, which is no mean logistical feat! Kate put her self out there to do this and her passion to encourage others to do the same is just brilliant.

Evie Foster- one cool woman! International 'Plus Size' model when it was incredibly tough to make it. But she did, with her own label in the US too. Evie helped bring this day and so much more together. @ Evie Foster Creative

Fiona Webb - said 'yes' when asked by Evie to join us on the day and we are so very thankful that she did. Lenses melted and hearts fluttered! What an amazing job Fiona. Such a talent. and joy to be with.

Helen Roche - all round good woman and one of the most positive 'get in there and give it a go' women on the planet. Energy + and so very passionate about helping others. Helen too has her breast cancer story. She's bloody amazing.

Liz Kubler - lover of the bandeau one piece and thankfully for us, Sequins and Sand lover! Liz has been a great supporter and when asked to join in on the day took it and shook it. Thanks Liz. You were awesome!

Shoes! Those gorgeous shoes featured in the videos are from Adavera Footwear in Paddington, Brisbane. The lovely Rachel is as passionate about the right footwear for your (problem) feet as much as I am about getting the right fitting cossie! Thanks for letting us feature your shoes Rachel. You're a gem. (p: (07) 3367 8058).

Behind the camera the talented, cool, calm keeping things rolling long, Bec from Arlais.
And behind the video camera the extraordinary Brittany McMurray @ BM Videography Creative and beyond brilliant! Brittany is the ultimate professional and absolute pleasure to work with. A star!

And me, Anita. Yes I put my $ where my mouth is this year! Mum, wife, daughter, military mumpreneur and founder of Sequins and Sand. A business that has taught me so much, introduced me to so many amazing women and opened my eyes to this 'unspoken' nastie that holds so many back - Cossie Confidence.

What a team! Thank you girls.
Until next time, next installment...

Anita xx
Sequins and Sand

Sequins + Sand _ Behind The Scenes from Anita McLachlan on Vimeo.