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Swimsuit Confidence


Cossie Care For Maximum Wear. Top Tips For Looking After Yours

Anita McLachlan - 19th November 2023

When it comes to swimwear you pay for what you get. And I get it, they're not the cheapest piece in your wardrobe. Here's how to make the most of your 'investment', to get maximum wear and keep that cost per wear right down.

When it comes to swimwear you pay for what you get. And I get it, they're not the cheapest piece in your wardrobe. Here's how to make the most of your 'investment', to get maximum wear and keep that cost per wear right down.

Hey girls! How are you? As I type this, I'm in a place that brings me so much joy, Noosa, with dear friends who have made this weekend so very special. So I asked them "I say swimwear you say..." and the response was..." how to take care of my swimsuit so that it doesn't fade". Brilliant! I thought this could be valuable information for you too so...let's do it!

A Few Key Facts About Swimsuit Fabric
Swimsuits have a 'base' to them and then have the 'stretch' woven in. That base is usually either polyester or nylon.

Polyester blends are typically used in competitive swimwear. Nylon has a super soft feel and a glossy or satin sheen finish so tends to be used in more 'fashion' swimsuits.

The stretch commonly comes from different polyurethane (rubber-based) polymers in the fabric's composition. Common names you would have heard of are Elastane Lycra and Spandex. On your swimsuit's label, you may see this: 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. Nylon is the base + Spandex is the stretch.

What Degrades Swimsuit Fabric?

  • Heat - is Lycra, Spandex and Elastane's greatest enemy
  • UV - sunlight
  • Pool chemicals and
  • Abrasive surfaces

Combine heat and a high concentration of chemicals like you have in a spa and you have a recipe for maximum destruction of your swimsuit. Not even the highest quality swimsuits are safe from a spa. If you love your spa, wear cheaper cossies you don't mind destroying.

How To Care For Your Swimwear - To Make It Last Longer
Understanding what degrades swimwear fabric here are my top tips for getting that cost per wear right down.

1. As soon as you're done wearing your cossie - rinse it in cold water (not hot or warm water) as soon as you can especially if you've been in a chlorinated pool. Don't leave them rolled up in your towel or bag.

2. Hand wash, not machine wash, for gentle attention.

3. Spot clean with a gentle detergent – like one that you'd use on your plants. Please don't use regular detergents as they are too harsh for lycra and coat the fabric. Never bleach your swimwear or soak it.

4. Dry them flat on a towel, in the shade (not in direct sunlight)

Might seem obvious but I'll mention it, never iron or dry clean your cossies.

5. Storing Your Swimsuit - again, to prevent excess stretching, don't hang your swimsuits to store them. Keep them flat. Store them when completely dry so they don't encourage mildew or bacterial growth.

That sticky stuff from the hygienic lining can be removed with gentle detergent rubbed in and rinsed off carefully with lukewarm water, just in that spot. It's the only time you should use warm water with your swimsuit.

Beyond washing and storing, when wearing your togs, avoid sitting and lying on rough surfaces that will catch and pull at the fabric.

There you have it!

Look after your swimwear and it will last longer. Keep the swimsuits you love out of hot tubs and spas. Wash them in cold water as soon as you can and dry them flat in the shade to preserve their shape and stop additional UV from the sun degrading and fading them.

Swimsuit Fabrics:
If you'd like to know more about swimsuit fabrics and their properties, then here are a couple of extra resources for you.

Video from a Facebook Live I did a little while ago about swimsuit fabrics. It explains the different types eg: Chlorine-Resistant and properties such as UPF, sustainability and weave.
Download this Fabric & Care Guide I prepared for our Unlock Your Cossie Confidence Course.

Fit Tip Of The Week
When you're setting out to buy a new cossie, open your mind to a new style you haven't worn before. An open mind is the #1 way to explore new possibilities and with that, find the right swimsuit for you.

Beyond The Shop
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See you then! Have a great week girls.

Anita xx

p.s. If you have any questions about Cossie Care, Contact Us and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can.