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Remembrance Day - Why and How will you remember them?

Anita McLachlan - 11th November 2017

Hello girls. Today is different. It didn't start out this way. But I'm glad it has. I hope you do too. A post about womens' swimwear. Resortwear? No and deliberately not so. Not today. Here's why.

Because Sequins and Sand is about more than just selling swimwear and resortwear.

Not many know, but the reason I started Sequins and Sand (aside from the frustrations of not being able to find swimwear and resortwear I wanted as a 40 something woman) was because our family is a military family and that means moving every 2-3 years. An online business gives me the flexibility to run it from anywhere and to put family first.

My 3rd family is my military family. One that I am enormously proud of. One that has taught me so much, that fills my heart with so much pride and my soul with love and respect. These are good people. In a world that requires instant gratification, where many will work for 5, 6 or more companies, for these guys, it's a devotion...a commitment for life.

About to showcase new swimwear, bags and accessories, I stopped. Hubby was putting the finishing touches on his speech he's giving at the Kelvin Grove campus of Brisbane's QUT today when I naively asked "Why Remembrance Day?". To which he replied "Okay. Here you go..." and proceeded to read me his speech. It brought me to tears and they just kept on flowing.

So I decided to change tack.

Today should stand alone. Tomorrow we will talk swimwear and resortwear.

Today I encourage you to take just one minute, on the 11th hour to remember them. All who have died in service of our amazing Country in all wars and conflicts. Who died so that we may continue to live the Australian Way. Today is the day that my Papa and Nonno are so very vivid in my mind. The boys of 7 Brigade to lost their lives back in 2010. I see their faces. I remember their riderless horses in the welcome home parade.

What memories spring to mind for you? Some of you will have relatives who served and died - A grand dad, a great grand dad, an uncle, a cousin. Some will have family and friends who serve today. A husband, a sister, daughter a son. It's personal. This is for you. For them.

"Back in these times they were being remembered by people with direct experience of the horrendous consequences of war. They were not just remembering the fallen, they were remembering why humanity must strive not to embark upon unlimited conflict. It was fresh in their minds and carved into their souls. In recent times, the world has avoided large scale global conflict and existential industrialized warfare. Today we are a different nation with an arms length understanding of the horrible consequence of war."

If you'd like to take 10 and read the rest of hubby's speech, it's attached below. Needless to say, I am enormously proud. His words are faaaar more engaging than mine and it will give you further insight into Remembrance Day and how we can relate to it today, almost 100 years on. It's very much worth the read.

How will you remember them?

Lest We Forget.


File download:

Download File: Paul's Remembrance Day Speech 2017 (PDF 42.6 kb)