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My Post Breastfeeding Boobs Are Small and I Need Flattering Swimwear

Anita McLachlan - 19th January 2015

Today we're talking the best swimsuits for a smaller bust. Natalie contacted us recently with a dilemma and it's not uncommon. After breastfeeding her last child, her boobs that served her so well, have failed to bounce back. They're flat and floppy. She's off on holiday soon and wants to get swimwear to have a great time away in and wants to know what style she should go for to help her look and feel fab.

Firstly, Natalie...don't lose hope on the boob front. Mine took nearly 2 years after my last breastfeeding effort to bounce back. Now in my late 40's, they're still letting me know they're there with adhoc growth spurts!

When finding the right style of bathers, it's important to think 'shape' and 'volume' (sounds like I'm a hairdresser).

Shape:: Go for a Triangle shaped cup or a bandeau (goes across). Anything too stiff and structured will show the 'gaps' unless you can pump it up with padding (chicken fillets as we like to call them) or bring them up for max volume naturally possible with adjustable straps. Getting those girls up to fill your cossie cup is what you need to do.

Volume:: Because you've lost it underneath, re-gain it on the top. Look for ruching, frills and details that add the puff. I'd also pick a print over a plain as prints are the masters of illusion, whatever the situation.

And don't restrict yourself to a bikini. If you've had kids odds on your tummy isn't what it used to be either so give yourself a confidence boost with a Tankini. A Onepiece and a Swimdress are also great options. Swimdresses aren't just for the older girls :)

So rejoice Natalie. Your boobs have served you well and you've still have them. Work with what you've got and get out there and enjoy your summer break with your family. You all deserve that.

Until next time. Happy hunting girls! If you need a hand don't hesitate to drop us an email at or call us on 1300 996 256. We love helping!


About the Models and Photos: Below are a few photos to illustrate what we mean. The fabulous Laura does have great boobs but she's wearing styles that illustrate the shapes we're talking about and yes, ones we sell from the Capriosca range (our shameless plug). Alyssa has a shape that is proportionally smaller on top than her hips (she's on the beach in the Hawaiian Punch bandeau swimdress and Navy crossover with all the ruching both from Capriosca). Then there's Karen in a bandeau style from the Curvy range that is great for a smaller bust with lots of ruching and a smaller cup depth. We also found 3 cossies that we don't sell from the Baku website ( Their model does have small boobs and shows the styles and hints of what we talk about above really well. Enjoy!

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