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VIP's Are Back Baby! Become one here! Not sure if you are? Read on...

Anita McLachlan - 26th June 2024

VIP's are back! Your very own private space here at Sequins and Sand. A place where you can : grab a FREE Masterclass, watch & re-watch your Masterclasses, store your Shape &Size Calculator info, see your faves in your Wishlist, grab a VIP only discount, get exclusive invites to events and more...

Hey girls! How are you? I hope this finds you well. Changes. In midlife they are hefty and BIG. It seems from every angle possible, work and business included.

We've been making more changes recently, to make your summerlife in midlife easier and simpler and to bring into alignment my personal and business life - in midlife. Sequins and Sand is now 15 years old and I'm 56. You could say each of us are in a time that requires an honest check in, a review. To decide what's important and a letting go of the rest. You get that, right? Do you feel that way as a woman in midlife?

In the latest round of change we've been taking a few things off and putting a few things back...with love.

Simplifying To Do More and Stress Less:
Late last year, we added a layer when we integrated with another platform because I thought it was the right thing to do. And it is a great platform but...the ground has shifted significantly for me and I've decided to do things differently with a change of focus.

Now, we've taken that layer off and simplified. Simplified and brought back the essence of those changes and put them on S&S. Back home where they belong :) The boys have done an amazing job behind the scenes to bring you these new and might I say, very cool changes.

It feels so good. And it felt good to question, asking myself 'what matters most to me, and how can I do more of that without adding stress?' Exactly like we find ourselves doing in midlife amidst a sea of enormous BIG change.

NEW Changes:
Same, same but done differently.

#1. No more login to access the Calculator & Catalogue (this was done creating a Kajabi account). No more 'hub' clicking back and forth.

Now, it's all on S&S. Try it and see by heading over here to the home page and click away on any section.

#2. VIP accounts are back baby! Yep, revive them girls if you've had one in the past. Go here to see if you can. If you need to reset your password because you can't remember it or it's not saved, then simply click on the nearby link to reset it.

Not got a VIP account? That's okay. With one click you can be. Do that here.

Why become a VIP? Because:

  • It makes life easy and simpler - everything you do with S&S is in one place, in your account. Like...
  • Your Calculator measurements can be saved into your account - no more remembering what shape am I. Measurements are saved with Sizes being able to be saved very soon.
  • Wishlist Faves - add your favourites to your Wishlist as you browse around the Catalogue. They are saved into your account.
  • Masterclasses & Courses are stored in your account - always available for you to watch anytime, again and again
  • Unique, invitation only Masterclasses and Events - just for VIPs
  • Exclusive discounts too

AND when you join there is a FREE Masterclass waiting for you. A thank you for becoming a VIP.

Become a VIP right here, right now and grab that free Masterclass :) There's no cost. Just do it once and you're done.

VIP's are back baby! I'll see you in there. Let's set you up, lift you up and get you out there, living your brilliant midlife.

Anita xx
Founder & Architect of Midlife Change :) @ Sequins and Sand