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What to Wear on your Resort Island Holiday in Fiji

Anita McLachlan - 4th March 2012

5 handy tips for packing right and keeping cool on your next tropical island break:

#1 Pack 'natural fabrics': cottons and silks are perfect. They 'breathe' well in the humidity and will keep you cool. Don't underestimate's tough and will dry in a flash.

#2 Take clothes with Longer, looser sleeves: believe it or not, they will actually keep you cooler because they allow the air to circulate and keep the direct sun off at the same time. Let's not encourage those age spots or heaven forbid, skin cancers to come out any earlier than they intend to. They're also handy if you're out sight seeing, visiting places where cultural/religious dress codes are different and should always be respected.

#3 Consider Air Flow: during the heat of day. Summer dresses of all lengths are great for ensuring cooler, fresh air can circulate around your body. Skirts will do a similar thing as will kaftans and tunics. Knee length or long, they will still be cooler than skin hugging pants, t-shirts and even shorts!

#4 Pack versatile pieces that Layer well: it'll mean packing less. Lugging stuffed bags around will certainly make you sweat! Make sure you take VERSATILE pieces in your holiday stash that will take you 'from beach to bar' in effortless style and grace. Kaftans and tunics are fabulous for layering or transforming from day to night. Layer under with fine silk or cotton slips, knot them up, leave them loose to create your different looks. Pants are also a great layer-under option...always full length.

  • white/stone palazzo pants (wider leg...also helps to keep you cool)...will go with just about anything. Can't do wide? then consider a cotton legging. Clever pants that let you adjust the length will get you through day and night...again cotton or silk will work best
  • jeans (paler/mid blue tones best...too dark often is too 'heavy' for summer)- everyone has a pair so you may as well work them harder
  • Summer slip dress - think air flow again! Length is important. To the knee please.
  • a light weight throw or cropped/classic to the hip, jacket. Denim and other neutral cottons work well.
  • pack a pashmina or a wrap. At night, when it's cooler, or you're in an air-conditioned restaurant, Pashminas and wraps are fabulous. Whilst on the plane and in transit, they double as a fabulous blanket. Roll them up and stash them in your carry-on. A Sarong of medium weight will do the trick too. Cashmere is great as like silk, it will breathe.
  • Shoes: again, versatility matters. Metallic/bling sandals or neutral wedges will go with anything. Don't over do it on the shoes!
  • Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! - a dash of bling and colour - they don't take up much room but boy, do they pack a punch and will transform your day look to night in a snap! Pack them in your Clutch, the other summer essential and resortwear must have.

#5 Don't forget your Hat!: the widest brim your face and body shape will handle. A hat will keep the sun directly off your head and face and help to keep you cool...bit like the long sleeves. Will also prevent premature aging...has to be a good thing! Look for hats that are made for travel, with a bit of flex and bounce in the weave. Here's how to pack your hat to ensure it doesn't arrive looking like an oversized prune.

What about Swimwear I hear you say? That's a whole other series of tips. This is a good place to start. Swimwear: How to Find the Right Fit

Go girl! Have a wonderful time on your much deserved Fijian holiday!
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