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Got a Big Bust Shape? Here are 7 top swimsuit styles and why they work.

Anita McLachlan - 18th September 2023

Got a Big Bust Shape? Here is our magnificent 7. Top swimsuit styles and why they work. Fit Tips and Plus Sizes.

Got a Big Bust Shape? Here is our magnificent 7. Top swimsuit styles and why they work. Fit Tips and Plus Sizes.

Hello girls! How are you?

I'd like to talk to you about swimsuits that are a great option if you have a bigger bust shape - our Magnificent 7.

Why? Because when you have your bust supported and comfortable in your cossies, you'll feel better in them. When you trust your bathers to do the right thing, it's one less thing to worry about. AND more importantly, your confidence will lift, paving the way for you to get out there and do your thang!

As we cycle through the stages of our lives, our boobs change with us. Usually because of the change in our oestrogen levels. The more oestrogen, the bigger our boobs get. As our oestrogen levels decline in our menopausal years, watch them head south as fatty tissue and collagen decide to take a back seat. It happens to us all. Talk to Angela about it in her workshop starting later today. We previously discussed mastectomy swimsuits...the ultimate bust change.

Bust Sizing Basics:
Swimwear, like bras, are made with bust cup sizing in mind. To keep things simple, I don't get into the maths of calculating it all. What is most helpful to know is your letter. The letter in bust sizing e.g.: 18E relates more to the width of your bust from your midline (sternum/breast bone) to the back of the breast which is under your armpit. More on this later.

For Comfort, Big Busts Need:

  • Support - for size and sag &
  • Coverage - for containment as our busts 'loosen up'. When we talk coverage we're also talking Cleavage and Necklines and a look that we are most happy with.

Big Bust Body Shapes:
I absolutely agree that prioritising bust fit first, particularly when they are large, is the smart thing to do. Swimwear is highly functional. When the girls are happy, we are happier. BUT let's not forget that our busts are part of our overall shape and we need to consider 'beyond the bust' to feel fabulous in our togs.

We talk about 6 Midlife Body Shapes here at S&S. I'd like to focus on 2 of those shapes that typically have a bigger association with them. Not always, I know. There is never an always girls. But for the sake of a shorter newsletter, hitting the highlights let's talk:

  • The Round Shape - with a pronounced bigger belly with a fuller, bigger bust. Jane and Flick from our Cossie Confidence Crew have this shape. They're in the middle of the main image above in Leopard.
  • The Inverted Triangle Shape - wider up top than about the hips. Tammie (top left) and Jo (top right) are our Crew members with this shape.

The Best Swimsuits for a Bigger Bust Shape - Round Body Shape

The Tank Style - by Genevieve Swimwear. This is Jane's go-to for her G cup bust. It also gives her great tummy support too.

Why It's a Winner:

  • Extra strong bust support
  • Wide, internal 'bra-like' back strap,
  • Underwire
  • Deep cup (top to bottom)
  • Wide square shallow neckline
  • Wide fully adjustable straps
  • High back.
  • Tummy is supported with panelling and power mesh.

This style goes up to a size 26. Available in both one piece and tankini styles. See them both below. Only in F/G cup sizing.

The 3 Tier Style - by Capriosca Swimwear. Also available in both One Piece and Tankini styles is much loved by our crew Roundies. Jane wears it in the leopard print above. Flick wears it below in plain black.

Why It's a Winner:

  • Strong shelf bra (wire-free) with flexible fit- I've had up to H cups in this style!
  • Lovely shallow V neckline
  • Good cup coverage
  • Wide fully adjustable straps
  • High back.
  • Tummy is cleverly downplayed with diagonal-shaped tiers that don't cling and add visual length, not width.

Fit Tip: The one piece will give you more overall support than the tankini option BUT because this style has fixed side seams, you may need to go up a size if you are a Roundie with a fuller bust to give you a little extra length.

The Best Swimsuits for a Bigger Bust Shape - Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The Criss Cross One Piece - by Capriosca Swimwear is Tammie's favourite. She's an E-cup bust. I love how it brings attention to her bust and waist, keeping the attention up. We have a few left in black and they are on sale below. Blues and greens have all gone now.

Why It's a Winner:

  • Strong shelf bra (wire-free) - best up to an E cup.
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • High back.
  • The wide bands of ruching that criss-cross over the bust and to the waist stylishly accentuate the bust whilst keeping it well contained and supported. The neckline is lovely too.
  • More of a va-va-voom look and feel to this style

The Ruched Underwire Style - by Capriosca Swimwear comes in both a One Piece and Tankini option. See below for a couple of options - there are many others in store. Search 'Ruched Underwire' to find them. This style is in both prints and plains and has been a trusted style for years for those with a fuller bust. It's Jo's favourite for the support it offers and the neckline - just a little bit of cleavage on show. She wears the DD/E cup options.

Why It's a Winner:

  • Ruched cups - with gathers means your bust will fill it forward well.

Fit Tip: If you have a narrow back with your fuller bust, this is THE best style for you. You don't have to go up a size to get a comfortable fit.

  • Shallow V Neckline
  • Underwire - available in DD/E and F/G cup sizes.
  • Widish fully adjustable straps
  • High back.
  • Tummy is supported with ruching if you feel more comfortable with that feature.

Fit Tip: If you have a longer torso with your Inverted Triangle shape, the ruching will give you the extra length you need.

Not sure of your Body Shape? The Shape and Size Calculator is a great DIY tool to use. Grab your measuring tape and head here. Once you find your shape, you can shop the best styles for it too. It will also reveal your suggested Size - a great place to start and reduce the overwhelm.

See these Swimsuits from the Inside too! That's what I do in my regular Friday Lunchtime Lives. Watch the recording in one of my Friday's Big Bust Swimwear reviews here on Facebook and here on YouTube. Thank you for all your wonderful feedback on how helpful these videos are. It's great to know they are adding value for you.

Support your bigger bust in the right swimsuit style and enjoy your summer life ladies!

Anita xx
(Founder & Owner - Sequins and Sand)