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Solo Travel - Top Tips for Women Who Are Traveling Alone

Anita McLachlan - 24th April 2020

Solo Travel. It's empowering, liberating and fun! But it's not without its challenges. It also takes many forms. You may be going it all along from start to finish, organising all the details. Or you might be joining a group of other like-minded women traveling 'solo'; strangers bound together for a similar reasons, looking for a wonderful opportunity to experience something new. Maybe you're traveling with your kids or the grand kids and you are the 'responsible adult'. You may have the kids with you, but as far as taking care and being're're on your own!

Lea has been in the travel and travel events industry for over 30 years and in that time has done bucket loads of solo travel, both personally and professionally.

Part of the Travel Topic in our 35 part 'Lunchtime Live - Community Connection Series' here at Sequins and Sand. Group travel and event management expert Lea from hello me shares with us her top tips for traveling alone, whether it's for business or leisure.

Watch and/or take a listen to the 30 min video below when you get the time and take in Lea's fabulous tips. She's also put some of them in a Cheat Sheet of tips for you which is attached below. Download it and print it off for when you're planning your next Solo Escape.

They may be plans you can't set firmly at the moment in Coronavirus times, but it is a great time to do your research and make plans to put your plan in place for your next precious solo escape.

See what Lea has brewing at hello me. If the details are not quite ready, then drop her an email or call. She'll be only too happy to help.

Thanks girls! Thanks Lea!
Anita xx

File download:

Download File: Tips for Solo Travel Lea Cooper hello me escapes.pdf (PDF 242.3 kb)