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Cossie Confidence - Evie's Story

Anita McLachlan - 26th October 2017

Preferring to tread a path less traveled, Evie's been a 'Plus Size' model when it was incredibly tough to make it and launched her plus size label in the you do!

Her creative talents, fashion finesse and experience has played a major part in expressing the Cossie Confidence message and I am so very grateful. As it happens for many of us, getting older means things aren't as they used to be in our young, nubile 20's. Our bodies and our self-belief.

Scroll down to see Evie's Cossie Confidence message for you. She talks about what it means to her and also chats about her favourite swimsuit from the day. The swimsuit that gives her great #CossieConfidece.

Evie brings so much verve and passion to all that she loves and believes in. The Cossie Confidence message is one of those.

Thanks Evie.
@ Evie Foster Creative

Anita xx
Sequins and Sand