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I've used the Calculator and I'm not sure what size to choose

Anita McLachlan - 1st December 2021

So you've put your measurements into The Shape & Size Calculator and you've got different sizes coming up for your bust, waist and hips. Which size do you choose?

Great question and it's one that I can answer from the benefit of 12 years experience. Here's what I do when I use the Shape & Size Calculator to help women with their swimsuit selections.

1. Choose a 'mid range size'

  • for example if you are say a 20 bust, 24 waist and 22 hips - go for a 22.

2. Choose the most 'common' number

  • for example if you are an 18 bust, 20 waist and 18 hips - go for an 18.

BUT...and there is always a but girls....if you have a more than 2 size difference between bust and hips - so a 16 bust and 22 hips then you will need to consider a 2 piece (separates) like a Tankini Top and separate Bottom so that you can get the right fit for your top and your bottom. There are very few one pieces that will give you a great fit overall with such a size difference.

3. Consider what is going to need more support meaning, if you are going to go for a 22 and your measurements show that you have say a 20 bust then choose a cossie that has adjustable straps so that you can bring in that area to suit your shape and size without losing support in that area.

4. Contact Us for help. If you've tried and you're just not sure then ask us for help. We get that this is tricky at times. Lean on us and our expertise to guide you in the right direction. Email us at or call on 1300 996 256. There's also a chat box at the bottom right of the screen where you can ask a question right away.

To your summer with greater confidence.

Anita & The Girls @
Sequins and Sand xx