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Packing Tips: 7 Best Selling Swim & Resort Wear Pieces for a Summer Holiday in Winter

Anita McLachlan - 16th June 2019

Pack these 7 Best Selling Swim and Resort Wear pieces on your next sunny break and you'll not only look and feel fabulous, your suitcase will thank you!

Are you over the winter chills already? Getting ready for that much anticipated Chase the Sun escape to a warmer place? Maybe you're off Europe for a holiday. Or maybe you're heading north for the winter right here in Australia.

9 years has taught us A LOT. And over that time, there have been some real winners in the swim and resort wear arena that keep popping up because of their trusted versatility. The prints and colours may vary, but the style and concept are the same.

Pack these Best Sellers on your next sunny break and you'll not only look and feel fabulous, your suitcase will thank you!

Here are Your 7 Best Sellers for a Chase the Sun holiday.

1. One Piece Swimsuit.

2. Rashie - Not just for the kids - lead by example! If you spend all day out snorkeling, on a boat, on the beach, by the pool you will need one to keep the sunburn at bay. Don't ruin your precious time away staying in doors because of horribly tender and sore skin (not to mention substantially increasing your risk of Melanoma). Rashies have come a long way and we have them in all cuts for different shapes and sizes. Pullover, zip up and wrap styles!

3. Hat - Like a Rashie for your face! Go as wide as your size will let you. I personally drown in a extra wide brim and find a mid brim is enough (then my Rashie takes over and shades where the hat misses). We have gorgeous hats in neutral shads to go with anything! Not sure how to pack it? Here's one of our all time popular articles from the Blog on How to Travel with Your Hat.

3. Versatile Swimsuit Coverup -
These are our consistent best sellers for a Cover Up option. The VERY versatile Cape or Kimono from Brisbane's Cape Capri. The Kimono is the maxi version. Very glam. If you haven't given one of these ultra awesome pieces a go, they come highly recommended. Click to see the lovely Sarah from Cape Capri showing us how to wear them loose or as a sarong, belted, knotted up and flounced, knotted ends or as a neck scarf and head scarf!

A simple throw on and go summer dress you can turn to again and again for over togs, out and about and low key nights out might be more your speed. Like the NEW very soft and slinky Bamboo Sybil Dress in Navy from another fab Aussie label Bamboo Body. Like a firmer fitting dress? Then the #1 best seller for that cut has to be the Drawstring Dress from Bracewell. The Navy and White Stripe is Hayley's latest creation in this cut. From Tannum Sands in Qld and in gorgeous soft, organic cotton.

And then there's the Kaftan. No explanation needed. Short or long. An eternal summer holiday must pack.

4. Wet Cossie Clutch (luggage organiser). - high on the list here at S&S is the Wet Cossie Clutch. A waterproof zip up bag to put wet togs in. Beyond that they make great luggage organisers and perfect for stashing cosmetics in to stop them 'leaking' into the rest of your suitcase. Find them here in the Project Ten range.

5. Pack Flat Beach Bag. To go with 4. Again, the Project Ten Beach Bags are winners. Chuck anything in them. The are indestructible. 2 sizes. Medium for 3 people and XL for a family of 4. Shake out the sand. Hose off the sticky ice cream and wipe off the slimy sunscreen. Brilliant!

The next 2 might shock you but...they are included for a reason
When you travel from a cooler place to the welcoming warm arms of your destination, you need to be able to hit the ground running and not break into a sweat. Peel off a couple of layers and you're set in a flash!

6. Wrap - A light wrap is the ultimate travel companion any time of year. A natural fibre will breathe and adapt beautifully. Our cashmere, cotton and bamboo blend wrap is heavenly. An extra large size to wrap around generously. There are always airconditioned spaces to wrap up for.

7. Leggings - a controversial addition to the list perhaps, but for me they are essential when you are traveling from cold to warm. Wear them on the plane then take them off in the loo before you leave the airport! And if you are prone to mozzies or midges, you may need them to keep them from biting too when you head out at night for a dinner under the stars. Our Bamboo leggings are light and will breathe. Keeping you warmer when you need it and cooler when you don't.

Well that's your top 7 girls based on what sells well here at Sequins and Sand.
What are your essentials for a Chase The Sun Vacation? Share them in the comments below!
I hope we've helped out a bit with our hit list.

Until next time. Happy packing Beach Bunnies!
Thanks girls.


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