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Summer Holiday Inspiration and Useful Tips and Info

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We're off on a Cruise for the first time. What do we pack? Jan.

10 Ship Tips: What To Wear and How to Prepare for the Perfect Summer Cruise

Off to Fiji and Don't Know What to Pack? These day by day looks will keep your suitcase happy.

Packing for 10 days in Fiji

We are going to Fiji for a family break and really want to make the most of it. What should we do? Sally.

Family Travels in Fiji - How to Make Amazing Memories

Jean asks: How can I make the most of a visit to the Whitsundays?

Whitsunday Sailing Holiday - How To Enjoy Yours

Welcome to our blog

Get inspired and find out juicy tips that you might not get from glossy travel brochures. Our travel experts know their stuff and have been there and done that. Dive in and enjoy! Happy holidays. Anita x

Cossie Confidence

This summer, our mission is to get more women feeling fabulous about themselves in a cossie.

Read more about our CossieConfidence mission and how to get involved.

Aeroplane Destinations

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Kaylmnos Greece
Best thing I did: Swim in the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea
Glad I packed my: Cool white linen shirt and red lippie!
Best place to eat: Psistaria Pandelis for its delicious array of yummy seafood!
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Paris, France
I went to: Paris & stayed in St Germain.
Best Thing I Did: The kids' Paris Muse Clues treasure hunt at the Louvre with my Granddaughter. It was amazing!
Glad I Packed My: Scarf to wrap around my neck for airconditioned spaces and cooler days.
Best Place to Eat: I wish I could remember the name of the place but it was casual and very close to where we were staying. It served the best Snails in garlic sauce, each in its own little iron pot.
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Tikehau, Tahiti
Best Thing I Did: Snorkelled with the Manta Rays ... WOW!
Glad I Packed My:Sarong! It took no space in my luggage and the locals taught me so many different ways to wear it that I literally lived in it for the whole week!
Best Place to Eat: Anywhere as long as you order the freshly caught fish of the day! The Poisson Cru raw fish dish is so good that I'm sure it will even win over non-fish lovers!

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Spotlight on Tahiti

Aaah, Tahiti. We're sure it should be spelt Taaaahiti in honour of the way it makes you feel and the images it immediately has us dreaming off to.

Tahiti is actually a group of islands and an island itself. Confused? We were too until the Emma from Tahiti Mana explained. There are actually 118 islands grouped into 5 archipelagos that make up the Tahiti islands. Huge! Then, there is the island of Tahiti itself.

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Packing Lists Packing lists

Sunset Dreamer

Island escapes and warm summer night have you out and about, so dress to impress. Kaftan, necklace, slip dress and cuff. Ole!

Dreamy Summer Days

Hop on a plane and getaway from the cold. Warm beach filled days ahead. Hooray!

Summer Luxe Spa & Bar

Step off the plane and into that luxe spa and poolside bar