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Family Travels in Fiji - How to Make Amazing Memories

Christie -Ann - 16th October 2015

Everyone knows Fiji as a tropical destination with amazing beaches and hot weather. If you have been to Fiji you know that it is much more than this. Fijians genuinely love children and family is so important. So is having fun!

Raising two of my three boys in Fiji, there were days I would leave them with their Fijian nanny in her Village just to explore and grow their souls and see the 'real' Fiji. Immersed in the local Village and their way of life, from Church services, fishing, farming the land, to just enjoying the simple soulfulness of the locals the kids learned so much. They joined the local children running around in bare feet, playing with old rubber tires and swinging on trees. There were no fancy play equipment or play stations, just back to basics with a lot of fun. And they had a ball!

With that in mind, dive in and explore Fiji and make the most of their love of children too. Here's what I think you should do:

:: Choose the resort that is right for you and or your family. There are so many out there, do your research.

:: If you have young children use the resorts/hotel nanny service or put your kids in the resorts Kids Club and enjoy some 'date nights' whilst away

:: Get outside the resort and see the real Fiji. Book yourself a tour of a local Village. Remember to pack something to bring along for the local children, maybe some lollies or note books and pencils. When you visit, respect their culture. As a woman you will be asked to cover your shoulders and wear clothes that go to your knees as a minimum.

:: Get some professional photos whilst away, they will really be something special to remember your holidays by. You might like to use the photoprapher we used for our latest shoot for our SS15/16 Collections. Just email: Rob from Three Loose Coconuts

:: Spa it up, enjoy enjoy enjoy! You are on holidays, so factor treating yourself into your budget.

:: Pack light – Make sure you pack your kaftans. Having lived in the tropics for many years, kaftans really are great to take away to Fiji for day and night. They are so light to pack and so versatile. For a 7-10 days stay I would suggest 3-4 kaftans and 1 summer cape, 2 different coloured slips to change the look of your kaftans for day to night, along with your 2 x flats, 2 x hats and 2 x swimwear. (Don't pack your stilettos, you won't need them).

I hope that helps Sally! Enjoy Fiji!

Christie-Ann, also known as the Kaftan Queen, is a mama to 3 young boys and currently lives in China with her family. iALLURE is her other baby where she gets to be creative, designing prints and garments that celebrate life in the beautiful tropics of Fiji and beyond. iALLURE Resort & Beachwear was born with the vision to bring simplicity and versatility to a beautiful fashion piece designed for the cosmopolitan traveler, so light to pack and ready to wear. Hand selected exquisite, vibrant fabrics to make you feel beautiful.

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