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Summer, in Paris. It's a hot destination any time of year. Like its districts, Paris takes on a different personas and moods each season, day and night.

What springs to mind when you think 'Paris'? Ambling down narrow cobbled laneways, arm in arm with your better half, gazing at store fronts, in awe of what surrounds you; stopping to grab a hand made pastry and cafe.

Navy and white stripes, berets and bikes. Bikes with woven baskets, filled with bread sticks, cheese, chocolate and red wine, in the divine.

An evening stroll along the Seine. Hopping on a river barge...sitting back, soaking it all in. The city of lights at night...magical.

So many things to see, do and Making memories that will last a lifetime.

Okay so...let's go!

Anita & The Girls
@ Sequins and Sand

Tips from other Holiday Girls


Mum to 3 fabulous babies and S&S is one!

I went to: Paris. Stayed on the Ile Saint Louis (4th Ar) a small island in the Seine. I absolutely love Le Marais.
Best Thing I Did: Seine river cruise at night. Magical.
Glad I Packed My: Comfy walking shoes. We did loads of it! Staying where we did we
Best Place to Eat: Sorza for Italian (cosy & homemade) and Berthillon for icecream of course. Both were very close. Handy when you don't want to go too far.


Devoted Nonna Who Loves to Travel

I went to: Paris & stayed in St Germain.
Best Thing I Did: The kids' Paris Muse Clues treasure hunt at the Louvre with my Granddaughter. It was amazing!
Glad I Packed My: Scarf to wrap around my neck for airconditioned spaces and cooler days.
Best Place to Eat: I wish I could remember the name of the place but it was casual and very close to where we were staying. It served the best Snails in garlic sauce, each in its own little iron pot.

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