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About Fiona Harper

Fiona Harper

Hi, I'm Fiona Harper, travel writer, digital media manager, content creator, blogger, sailor, marathoner and gadget geek. There's more but we'll leave it at that for now. Unless there's cocktails involved. In that case pull up a pew and you'll get the full story. But for now this career snapshot will suffice.

As well as writing travel tales and tips for Sequins and Sand, my other baby is the online magazine Travel Boating Lifestyle . It's the much-loved creative outlet where I can write and publish the stories that I really want to write. The ones told with personality, soul and passion, and maybe they're just a little bit off the wall.

"Sorry Conde Nast Traveller, I'd love to take that coveted cover assignment to the Maldives but I'm kinda busy with my blog this week."

But more importantly, my dear readers have told me that the stories I write for Travel Boating Lifestyle are exactly the kind of scintillating travel stuff they want to read.

My travels have taken me to lots of wondrous places all over the world. And you can see them here!

So slip into something comfortable (or strap on something sharp and pointy, whatever floats your boat, I don't care), pour yourself a sassy drink, top it with an umbrella and enjoy some fun travel adventures through my eyes.


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Articles by Fiona Harper

Tahiti, Maldives, Fiji. What's the Difference?

Tahiti, Maldives, Fiji. They reel off the tongue like pampered stars in a tropical island movie. Sun-kissed beaches, gin-clear waters, palm trees dancing in the breeze are all mandatory props in any self-respecting topical island holiday. But what makes Tahiti so special? Why not holiday in the Maldives or Fiji? What's the difference between them all?

Whitsunday Sailing Holiday - How To Enjoy Yours

The Whitsundays are one of the best places in the country for a sailing holiday. Thanks to a mostly balmy climate, consistent south east trade winds and a gorgeous island archipelago, the Whitsunday Islands are a sailors paradise.

Thailand - How to Travel in Luxury by Train

"Train travel is quite voyeuristic, allowing a fleeting glimpse of life beside the track as we roll through backyards and backwaters." Fiona Harper shares her enchanting experience on one of the lesser known ways to see Thailand, on the Eastern Orient Express. Channel your inner Agatha and let's explore!

Secrets of Fiji: That other four letter word

Fiji. It dares you to escape from a life where there never seems to be enough time. But where to go and what to pack. Fiona Harper, travel writer and Holiday Girl knows Fiji like the back of her Bula and is sharing her Fiji secrets tips and tricks.

Tropical Australia - 5 Amazing Places to Holiday and Their Best Kept Secrets

Winter. Time to hang up the swimsuit and break out the track suit? Not likely. Queensland's known as the Sunshine State for good reason. Fiona Harper, our travel Holiday Girl and author of the Great Barrier Reef: Ultimate Guide, shares her five favourite places for a winter getaway and a few secrets only a local would know.

Tahiti Looks Nice - A Seductive Destination for a Resort Holiday

Tahiti has always attracted starry eyed romantics thanks to those insanely gorgeous images of dreamy overwater bungalows showing canoodling couples on daybeds and in hammocks it's become increasing popular for 'girl's getaways'. Australian visitor numbers increased 26 per cent last year, mostly lured by picturesque beaches, a tropical climate year round and endless blue lagoons.

Long Haul Travel - Top Ten Tips For Avoiding The Blues

Australia is beautiful, but a long way from many enticing destinations. Long haul flights and transit downtimes, inevitable. Don't take the gloss off your dream holiday. Fiona has 10 sure fire tips to bring back the shine and avoid the traveller blues.

Bali - A Great Place For a 50th Birthday & Getaway With The Girls

If an understated but intimate celebration is what you have in mind then go for a Bali Villa. It's about spoiling yourself with stunning, private surrounds, spa treatments, shopping and those amazing mojitos. Back from her sister's 50th in Bali, Holiday Girl and Travel Journalist, Fiona Harper shares her experience so that you can make the most of yours.

Cairns and Port Douglas - 5 Must Do's, Just Like The Locals

Escaping the clasp of winter into the arms of summer? Cairns and Port Douglas are popular destinations for a Winter Sun break. Loads of brochures about where to go and what to do but there must be more. What are those secret spots that only a local knows? We asked Cairns Travel Journalist and Holiday Girl, Fiona Harper to share her top 5 secret spots and to do's so you can make magical FNQ memories on your precious escape.

Camping within your Comfort Zone

Find camping a tad 'unsavoury'? Hard to give up bed and a hot shower? You don't have to! Fiona Harper, travel writer and Holiday Girl has done it and is sharing her secrets to how you can too!

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