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Aaah, Tahiti. We're sure it should be spelt Taaaahiti in honour of the way it makes you feel and the images it immediately has us dreaming off to.

Tahiti is actually a group of islands and an island itself. Confused? We were too until the Emma from Tahiti Mana explained. There are actually 118 islands grouped into 5 archipelagos that make up the Tahiti islands. Huge! Then, there is the island of Tahiti itself.

Unlike other island areas, these archipelagos are as different as they are astonishingly beautiful. Some, are low isles and some high. The low isles are a divers paradise and for those who love water, sand and sun. The high islands on the other had, have gorgeous sandy beached but they have a rugged, mountainous heart which means hiking, waterfalls, lush vegetation and loads of activities on land as well as in the water; like Hawaii.

The hardest thing is to choose where to go! Maybe it's like a box of chocolate all's hard to stop at one and a favourite is hard to pick.

The Society Islands of Tahiti are the most famous and glam. Tahiti island itself, Moorea and Bora Bora are found here. Think romance, private over water bungalows and private islands too!

Tuamotu and Gambier group of islands offer the famous pink sand island of Tikehau. Think spectacular crystal clear waters of the warm blue lagoon fringed with palms and stunning sand.

For those who want something off the beaten tourist track there's The Australs. Remote, pristine and away from it all. Rugged mountain peaks and gentle, friendly locals. Hike a way and cool off with a dip on the beach.

If something more mysterious, rich in culture and archeological history is more your thing then venture out to The Marquesas. Gauguin was a fan, and you might be too.

With so many options and activities to choose from a Tahitian escape is what ever you want it to be, any time of year. Pack your hiking gear or just your kaftan and bathers. It's up to you. Good luck choosing!

Anita & The Girls

Tips from other Holiday Girls


Tikehau, Tuamotu Archipelago
Loves to travel the road less taken

I Went To: Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort & Spa
Best Thing I Did: Snorkelled with the Manta Rays ... WOW!
Glad I Packed My:Sarong! It took no space in my luggage and the locals taught me so many different ways to wear it that I literally lived in it for the whole week!
Best Place to Eat: Anywhere as long as you order the freshly caught fish of the day! The Poisson Cru raw fish dish is so good that I'm sure it will even win over non-fish lovers!

Emma Williams

Newcastle, NSW
Mum of two, always dreaming of an island getaway!

I Went To: The St Regis Resort Bora Bora
Best Thing I Did: A picnic on little sandy 'motu' island where the table was submerged in the lagoon! Heaven!
Glad I Packed My:Kalokeri Kaftan, my lightweight "go to" dress meant that I effortlessly swapped my swimmers for some glam so that I rocked it with the best of them at this 5 star resort!
Best Place to Eat: Sushi Take restaurant at the resort is the best sushi in all of French Polynesia and maybe even Japan ha ha ha ! Seriously it's that good!

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