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5 Forgotten Essentials to Pack on your Tahitian Escape

Emma Williams - 21st August 2015

Going to a tropical escape is one thing and we'll pack cossies, kaftan, shorts, T's ... the usual suspects. But Tahiti is full of surprises and it's way more than just sand and crystal clear waters.

What if there were things that we wished we should have taken so that we can really enjoy every moment on a Tahitian holiday. The stuff we might not think to pack but wished we had.

Emma knows the Tahiti Islands like the back of her hand. Having spent years there working for Tahiti Tourisme Australia. Getaway grabbed her for their Tahiti shoot as their advisor! So I think we can confidently call her a Tahiti expert, don't you?

And her love affair with Tahiti continues. She's regularly in the islands seeking out new event locations and testing the best cocktails and coming up with amazing experience for those of us who yearn to go. You'll find them at Tahiti Mana ( where she's teamed up with fellow Tahiti guru, Lucinda Petithuguenin.

So we asked Emma. And these are her 5 'must have' things to pack that you might not think to, to squeeze every last drop of fab from your Tahitian escape.

Ia ora na Ladies!

Here is my top 5 for Tahiti...

1. A pair of sneakers/hiking shoes, the lush volcanic islands offer amazing hiking trails
2. A handy tote to carry your freshly baked baguette and french Rose!
3. A few pairs of 'bling' sandals, leave the high heels home
4. A good sun hat that can be packed into your suit case/beach tote and still pop back to shape
5. A French phrase book 'Un daiquiri de mangue s'il vous plait'

Nah-nah and mah-roo-roo girls! (and here's the link to speaking the local lingo)

Emma and Anita


Emma owns Tahiti Mana. A travel and events business dedicated to showing you that Tahiti is not just for cashed-up, Maitai sipping jet-setters or loved-up, romance seeking honeymooners! There is so much more to this magical part of the world. They want you to discover another side of Tahiti and another way to experience it.

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