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Sun Safe

Being sun safe is really smart. Reduce the risk of skin cancer and life threatening melanoma by covering up in UPF rated swimwear and clothing. And it doesn't have to be boring and you don't need to look like you're off fishing for the day. Sun safe clothing options are getting more glam as they remain ever so practical and smart. The Melbourne based Sha-de label does such a great jot. Fabric is woven here and it's all made here too. Makes it an even smarter option :)

It's like wearing sunscreen without the greasy feeling and there's not need to re-apply often!

Then there's hats to provide shade and to keep the sun off your scalp and face.

Any now, there's UPF 50+ wraps that are brilliant to always keep in your bag or in the car for those days when you get caught out without sunscreen or when there's not a shady spot to shelter in. These wraps from Sha-de and Bloxsun are soft and light and feel so heavenly on. Great for over the kids and the pram, at the beach, on the streets or in the park. Anywhere really.

Sequins and Sand is so proud to bring gorgeous sun smart, sun safe clothing and swimwear to our Aussie girls who want to cover up in style, for whatever their reason to do so.

Here's to your sun safe summer!

Anita & The Girls

What to Pack

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