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Summer Survival Kit - The Sun Safe Way

Emma Betts - 8th October 2015

I have been very public over at Dear Melanoma about my disgust that Spring is upon us, which means that the nastier and even more hated Summer is on its way. This goes against all the love that Sequins and Sand has for Summer, but I am here to help you survive (not necessarily love) Summer.

So here it is, my Summer Survival Kit. Enjoy!

1. Sunscreen
Sunscreen is most people's biggest turn off when it comes to being sunsmart - no one likes being all sticky and greasy. As much as it is not fun, I am here to tell you that it is essential. It is all about finding a sunscreen that you like and I promise you that there is one out there for you. My only request is that you choose a sunscreen that is at least 30+ and that you reapply regularly. My favourite, and it has been for years, is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF50+. It is a spray making it easy to apply and one of the few spray sunscreens that does not require you to also rub it in and it is not greasy. My only complaint is that a bottle does not last long in my household, but I am a bit ridiculous with it.

2. Hat
Sunscreen is fab, but a physical barrier is number 1! My tip is to keep your hat in your car and you have no excuse to not wear it. If you are a person with a ginormous head like myself and actually struggle to find a hat to fit your head, go to POINT 5.

3. Scarf/Cape
As above, a physical barrier is the best way to be sun smart. Clothing is a great barrier, but I understand that it is not always possible, nor overly appealing, to be covered head to toe. One of the most practical suggestions that I have been told is to carry some kind of scarf or cover up in you handbag at all times for those times that you may get caught out. My Sha-de UPF 50+ wrap is permanently in my handbag in its super nifty little carry bag.

4. Tinted moisturiser/foundation
This is a simple change that you can make to your daily routine. Instead of using just any moisturiser or foundation, invest in one that has a SPF rating.

5. UPF rated parasol/umbrella
As I said above, my head does not always allow for a hat so I find using a parasol made out of UPF rated fabric is the answer for me. Using a parasol instead of a hat is also nice for special events, such as going to the races, and will make a fashion statement and save your hair-do. My favourite parasol is from Australian brand Sunbella.

6. Sun shirt/Rashie
I know what you are thinking – 'how daggy!' Yes, I used to put sun shirts in the 'daggy category' too, but how things have changed! There are so many beautiful sun shirts available – my personal favourites are by a Brisbane designer, SunSoaked. Make a sun shirt a 'must-have' for your summer.

7. Lightweight long pants and shirts
If you have skin like me, sunscreen is not enough for long days in the sun. I am from Queensland and know how difficult it is to fathom wearing long clothes in the humidity, but investing in lightweight (fashionable) clothing is worth it.

If you can implement all of these tips, well done! However, I know that it is difficult to change mindset regarding sun safety. Try and add one or two to your routine this summer– one is better than nothing.

Happy Summer!


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