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About Jenni Eyles

Jenni Eyles

'Styling Curvy', is Jenni's baby and where you'll find her hanging out most of the time when she's not blogging for Sequins. Jen's blog, Styling Curvy is for women and aims to empower them through personal styling, improved body image and real life.
When she's not blogging her heart out, she's out and about doing community work for organisations she's passionate about. You see, Jenni's world was tipped upside down in September 2012 when at 41 she was diagnosed with breast cancer...yep, right, major SHIT! So most of her charity work is dedicated to helping organisations that help those with and recovering from cancer.

An Adelaide girl raised in Queensland who moved South for love she's a 40ish chick, in love with her mister and proud mum to two sons and one fur baby. With a background in fashion, hairdressing and a love for all things interior, she's got a great eye for what works and how to put it all together; curvy bodies, her specialty!

It's a crazy, fun ride this thing called life. It's normally a 'one time offer' kinda thing but lucky Jenni got a second chance and doesn't want to waste it.

If you like what you read you can subscribe to her blog and have posts delivered straight to your inbox.

There will be fashion, reviews, home styling, beauty, recipes, personal growth stories, cancer files, and more.

"Together we will grab life by the ponytail and live our best life ever...I promise!"

Jen. x

Articles by Jenni Eyles

Jen's Top 10 Swimsuit Tips for a Larger Bust

If you have a larger bust you are going to need more than a few crochet triangles to get you through summer. Nobody needs a swimsuit malfunction, especially on the beach in front of a crowd. A larger bust needs a cossie with support and structure...a fabulous neckline or feature detailing doesn't go astray either.

Capes. Will they save me?

I've long been a fan of a cape in Summer and Winter and will always recommend them to my styling clients no matter what their shape or size.

Jen's Review: The Hummingbird Dress | How Does it Shape Up for a Fuller Figure?

When this fabulous and fun dress arrived in my mailbox straightaway I was enchanted with the hummingbird print...and the colour. This is a new season design from the team at Haven and it ticks lots of boxes for me. Here's why.

Essential Pants for Curvy Girls and All Occasions

Pants are normally relegated to the winter wardrobe staples in favour of leggings for most curvy girls...sounding familiar? Well not any more!

How to Shop Online Really Well for Fab Summer Style

Jen's Story & Top Tips: "I NEVER shopped online until two years ago when illness forced me to. I was stuck at home going through cancer treatment. So in the wee hours of the morning I opened my I-pad and started shopping and have never looked back". Jen shares her Top Tips for Shopping Smart Online. After all, she is expert at it now!

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Summer Longing

Living summer every day. Bliss. Cossies, a maxi and uplifting accessories...colour is everything.