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About Emma Betts

Emma Betts

Emma had a pretty amazing life for a 22 year old – she had completed a year working in East Timor in her dream job, she had been accepted into postgraduate studies and knew what she wanted to do with her life, and she had met the man of her dreams.

Unfortunately, just over 18 months ago this all changed when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. Emma was 22 and had been given months to live.

Emma started a blog Dear Melanoma where she likes to talk about the highs, the lows and the ugly side of terminal cancer in hope that more people will talk about melanoma and the 'D word' – dying.

Emma provides an authentic, sometimes heartbreaking, yet still hilarious, account of day-to-day life. Dear Melanoma was started to help her cope with her prognosis, but it has done far more than this, accumulating a loyal following on her blog and Facebook Page.

Through this platform, Emma hopes that there is greater awareness of melanoma and the importance of being sun smart.

Articles by Emma Betts

Summer Survival Kit - The Sun Safe Way

Summer Survival Kit. Every girl needs to stay sun safe to potentially save her life. I have been very public over at Dear Melanoma about my disgust that Spring is upon us, which means that the nastier and even more hated Summer is on its way. This goes against all the love that Sequins and Sand has for Summer, but I am here to help you survive (not necessarily love) Summer.

Melanoma and Self Confidence. What's that Look like?

Everyone has a place where they do their best brainstorming and for me it is the shower. This can be somewhat inconvenient given you can't simply write down your ideas as they pop into your mind. Often, my husband Serge will see me rushing to my computer or notebook (towel around me and dripping water) to ensure I don't lose any of these lightbulb ideas.

Get the Look

Sun Safe Summer

Escaping the cold to a warmer place doesn't mean you can forget to cover-up. Be sensible and stay sun safe all year round. UPF 50+ rash vest, long sleeve fashion top over bathers and with a beach bag. Eco Tan from