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About Lily Charles

Lily Charles

I'm Lily Charles. I am a full time mama to a boisterous little man and I am one of those glass half full girls who believe there is beauty in everyone and any thing.

I feel most beautiful when I'm spending time with my boys. When it's just the three of us, with messy hair, no makeup and food stains on our clothes. Because that's real. And trust me, real is beautiful.

Some other things I find beautiful:

  • Kind people
  • Fresh flowers (in a garden or a vase, who can say no?)
  • Pretty cushions
  • Freshly baked bread
  • My little man's gorgeous blue eyes!
  • Smiles
  • Me time!

That's why I created my blog, Beholder. I want to help busy mamas find the beauty in life, even if beautiful means a long bath after a stressful day, adding a little mascara to your lashes, reading your favourite book when the little ones are asleep, finding a new beauty trick to cut down your time in the bathroom or buying that new top, just because.

Articles by Lily Charles

Beauty Essentials For A Romantic Getaway

I know all too well the struggle of trying to fit my beauty products into a suitcase along with at least half of my closet, so I will give you tips on what I take that I find works a treat.

Beachy Hair - How to Have it Beyond Your Holiday

Beachy waves are perfect for Summer and they can be created without a hair straightener or curling iron! Seriously, who wants to add more heat when you're probably working up a sweat just by towelling off after your shower? So in saying that, here is my favourite way to get beachy waves.

A Body Confidence Rollercoaster - How Do you Get Off?

My journey to body confidence has been an absolute rollercoaster. From my awkward teenage years, to focusing on getting fit and healthy, to having a baby and feeling so self-conscious all over again, it's been a rocky road with lofty high's and soul crushing lows. But, while I am no Kate Moss, I am in a good place right now and it's all down to one thing: accepting my body exactly as it is.

Get the Look

Winter Sun Fun

Escape the cold with the one you love. A long week-end away for two. Get that summer glow before you go with Winter Sun Tan and finish off your look with warm peachy lippie. Both from Swimsuit, hat, kaftan too.