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Swimsuit Confidence

Masterclasses & Events

Our Masterclasses, Workshops and Event are designed to support your Cossie Confidence - your Swimsuit Confidence and to feeling confident in Midlife too. Because, hello...midlife is messy and that drives so much of how we feel and what we do. Cossie Confidence is a part of that and really matters as we go about our daily life when being in a swimsuit is needed and when enjoying our time on summer holiday, at the beach, in the pool or in the dam. We don't want to waste a single chance to make amazing memories and savour the moment. AND movement is medicine, right?

Masterclasses and Events you sign up for will automatically land and stay there in your private VIP account to make things easy and simple. Everything you do with Sequins and Sand in one handy place...your private VIP account. AND they stay in your VIP account for as long as you are a VIP with us! Always available, ready whenever you are. So good.

Anita xx (the Cossie Whisperer)
Founder & Owner: Sequins and Sand