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Summer Accessories are the antioxidants of the fashion world - small but effective! Beach hats, beach bags and jewellery..summer wardrobe essentials. Transform a kaftan from day to night...from 'beach to bar' with grace and impact. A luscious long strand jewellery necklace, killer cuff or statement earings for a 'here I am' look. Take them all! They don't take up much room, but boy do they pack a resort wear punch!

The right beach bag teamed with a fabulous wide brim hat, will not only add a touch of beach chic to any summer holiday ensemble, they are enormously practical too. A clever beach bag will double as a carry-on. One that packs flat, effortlessly indispensable.

In transit can be tricky, particularly when you're traveling from a cooler place to your summer escape. Pashmina stoles, wraps and shawls are the stylish answer. They pack down to nothing and are a terrific on-tap warm-up when the air-conditioning is annoyingly cold or you need a 'just-in-case' back up should the nights get a little chilly.

In terms of luggage real estate, summer accessories offer a great return on investment!


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