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Award Winner - Anita McLachlan - Sequins and Sand

After the tumultuous year 2020 was, 2021 has kicked off quite differently with the founder of Sequins and Sand, Anita McLachlan, winning an award. The HerBusiness Member of the Year! It's such an honour and a privilege.

When the phone rang in January 2021, it said 'Suzi'. 'Wow...I wonder what Suzi wants?' was the first thought that sprung into my head. After all, she is the 'Big Kahuna' at HerBusiness and the mentor I love and admire so very much. She is incredible.

We started chatting (but in the back of my mind I was still wondering 'what's going on') and then she said the words "you are our Member of the Year, congratulations."

OMG! To say that I am honoured and that it's an enormous privilege is an understatement. This community of passionate, smart, enthusiastic, supportive, generous women business owners means the world to me. And so does this award.

"We are thrilled to announce that our Member of the Year is Anita McLachlan of Sequins & Sand.
A long-time member, Anita is an excellent example of a member who uses the HerBusiness Connection Moves™ — Show Up, Speak Up and Lift Up.
Anita shows up in a big way inside of the HerBusiness community.
She is a regular participant at our Networking Roundtables, a leader for one of our peer-to-peer accountability Goals Groups, participates inside the Members Facebook group, and you can count on Anita to be there when her busy schedule allows — supporting her fellow members.
Anita raises her hand to 'have a go' and gets involved when an opportunity comes her way — like raising her hand to lead a member Goals Group or to be part of an online live stream; and to frequently make time to comment on a question raised by a fellow member and to encourage others in the network.
And, so much more.
Anita speaks up. She is active in our community, asking questions to get the support she wants with her marketing and business. (She just recently had a successful launch of her new membership — woot!)
But, that's not where it stops.
If you're looking for a resource, someone to collaborate with or recommendation, Anita is likely to be there to add her input and experience where she can.
The Lift Up move is one of Anita's strongest moves. She lifts up other members: celebrating their wins and achievements, calling out someone who has made an impact on her and sending encouragement to someone who is doing their best even when they miss the mark (which happens to all of us).
Her business, Sequins & Sand, is growing each year as a result of her dedication to building the confidence and life experience of her ideal client — women whose bodies have changed over time.
Congratulations, Anita!
We're so happy to call you our 2021 Member of the Year, Anita McLachlan"

So 2021 has kicked off on the right foot. Let's keep the goodness flowing. Thank you Suzi and all the wonderful women @ HerBusiness.

Anita & The Girls @ Sequins and Sand.