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New Eb&Ive Womens Travel Wear and Accessories Online

Far Away Places: Travel in comfort and arrive in style with new easy to wear and mix and match travel wear - dresses, kaftans and tops from Eb&Ive.

Beyond that special holiday, get more bang for your buck and layer these pieces up for when the months get cooler.

Ideal for:

  • School pickup and drop offs (the kids!...just the kids:))
  • Lazy Sunday brunches with friends and family
  • Lounging at home - dump that trackie!

The pieces are easy and the colour palette beautifully neutral so they can mix and match with almost anything in your wardrobe.

The dreamy scarves and beaded treasures will light up any look and bring it all together in a snap!

Eb &Ive are an Australian lifestyle company based in Sydney. The range is not only clever and thoughtful, it's well priced and great quality. The colours each season are fabulous with something that will suit every one.

Each year it just keeps getting better, the team a joy to work with. This label is one to watch!

Enjoy and get in quick. This label is addictive:)

Anita & The Girls @
Sequins and Sand

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