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5 Reasons Why Resort Wear Makes The Best Summer Wardrobes

The term "Resort wear" covers a huge range of clothing and is not just for the fashionista travel set; its usefulness extending way beyond a summer holiday too. In fact, a few well-chosen pieces of Resort wear can be the workhorses of your summer city, burb and work wardrobes too.

Dresses, kaftans, tops, skirts, pants and maxi's. The flavour, always relaxed. The feel, always comfortable, without compromising on style.

Here's why Resortwear is a wardrobe winner:

1. It's versatile and will work hard for you
Which, of course, means great value for money. They transform with ease so you can do more with less. Pieces that can be worn different ways for different occasions;

  • a kaftan that can be thrown over cossies and then over a slip dress, with a sprinkle of bling, a clutch and heels becomes that frock to rock for lunch or dinner.
  • a shirt dress that opens up to become a long soft jacket to wear over a summer dress or pants and a top
  • that dress that can be belted to be worn as a long top over jeans or pants
  • a maxi that's simply knotted to the side to give it a more casual feel so you can wear it all day long and not just for those drinks under the stars

2. It's effortlessly stylish
"Relaxed chic" is the term that best sums up the Resortwear vibe for me. It's about comfort in the heat; it's about trusty items that you can throw on and go, knowing you'll look great. And you don't need lots to do this, just a few will do. A long top, knee length dress (or two) and a maxi.

3. It layers well and can be worn it all year round
In many parts of Australia we get to enjoy summery weather for about nine months of the year. And if we don't have the weather at home, we can always hunt it down somewhere nearby, like Queensland, Bali or Fiji. But if jetting off to FNQ or Bali isn't on the agenda as the days start to chill then layer up!

A few layering essentials will extend the wear of your resortwear not only beyond the beach to the burbs, they will also take them through to winter too.

  • Leggings or Tights - plain or printed, cotton/elastine (but be careful going to textured as that might be too much with a lighter fabric)
  • Cardi, soft Wrap or Jacket
  • Scarves and snoods
  • Tube dress - is a firm fitting long Tank to the knee or ankle and everyone looks great in them. Wear it under other dresses and long tops and leggings under that too if you like. Ruch them up or leave them down. Play and wear them differently depending on your mood. Metallicus has great ones like this.
  • Slim line long sleeve tops - something that is fine and won't create bulk to layer under looser fitting tops and dresses.

4. It's easy on precious wardrobe space
The versatile nature of resort wear makes it easy to pack light and travel free and easy. But the rule of "less is more" applies just as much at home. A few well-chosen pieces of resort wear can give you a good head start on reducing that wardrobe clutter.

5. Hang on to that Holiday Vibe Wearing a resort piece will help to feel like it's holiday time all over again. An easy transition back to the burbs or work after that precious summer break. Hang on to that feel good holiday vibe for longer and wear that kaftan girl!

So when you're figuring out what to wear this summer, think Resortwear; stylish, comfortable, versatile and great value. The always-elegant workhorses you'll turn to time and time again.

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Written By: Anita McLachlan, founder of Sequins and Sand. Connect with Sequins and Sand on Google+.

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