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The Best Way To Dress For Your Winter Sun Escape So You Don't Look Like A Southerner

It might be a winter sun escape, but no one wants to arrive looking like a complete 'out-of-towner'. Dump the all black winter look and get that kaftan on! Yes you can. It's all in the layering. Here's how.

Wear versatile summer essentials on top and fine, warm long layers underneath. That's the key. Then simply peel off or add as required. I start shedding a layer as soon as I touch down at the airport (in the loos, not the lounge you'll be pleased to know). Too easy!

Here's a list of layering essentials. Some will work your summer looks when you arrive at your tropical destination. Bargain!

'Overs', 'Unders' and 'Finishers'. Remember, less is more and versatility is the key girls.

'Overs'– the top layer options.

  • Kaftans – THE most versatile summer piece. Change a look in a flash from day to night, plane to pool, beach to bar. Belted or tied, they become a top. Let loose, they behave like a dress. All styles will layer brilliantly with either fine cotton, wool or cashmere.
  • Summer Dresses and Maxis – are great alternative to a caftan for those who prefer a more tailored look.
  • Denim Jacket - another versatile piece and faithful workhorse of a summer wardrobe. Guaranteed to go with absolutely everything. Invest in one you love and keep it forever; it will never go out of style. Perfect for on the plane then out at night if the wind picks up or the air conditioning is on 'cool room' mode.

Top Tip: If you like a mid length look, keep your 'Overs' at a length about the knee as they tend to produce the best layering looks, especially with leggings.

'Unders' – to layer under your 'Overs'. To keep you warm in transit and to create multiple looks with effortless ease when you get there.

  • Leggings – fabulous and comfy for on the plane, then they roll up and pack down to nothing so you can keep them in your carry on. Brilliant!
  • Long trousers/pants - again for on the plane or out to dinner; white or neutral full length pants are hard to beat as they'll go with almost anything.
  • Long Sleeve Tops - a fine long top is a travel saviour. Invest in a neutral or black fine cashmere one if you can. Ultimate warmth and you hardly know it's on. Like leggings, will roll up and pack down to nothing in your suitcase or carry on.

Top Tip: if cashmere is out of the question or if you only have nylon leggings, then try the adventure stores like Mountain Designs. They have great fine fabrics designed to keep you warm and dry in a flash. Very handy on any trip.

'Finishers' – looks would be ho-hum to say the least without these essentials.

  • Accessories...the anti-oxidants of the packing world; so small yet they pack a punch! Add a splash of colour and get into the tropical groove. Mix it up and layer them up. Add a scarf for extra warmth and you're well on your way.
  • Cardi/Wrap - a lovely soft Wrap or clever 'cardi wrap' are a trusty travel essential. Beyond finishing off a look and adding that extra layer of warmth, they can double as an on board blanket or pillow; especially handy when traveling with kids. Keep one rolled up in your carry on and you'll never be caught short. Again, cashmere options are the best, light and they pack down to nothing.
  • Shoes – a neutral wedge is a summer essential. Great for taking looks up a notch and for keeping those toes warmer when leaving and arriving home. If you don't get cold feet, then sandals in a versatile neutral shade, metallic or dash of bling are a great option. Leave the thongs for the beach.

Top Tip: Ballet flats are a great on-board option and they'll flatten down to nothing in your suitcase too; they're just not as 'summer' as a wedge so you'll be doubling up.

So start out as you mean to go girls. Get in the mood before you leave home and make every moment count!

Anita & The Girls @
Sequins and Sand


Written By: Anita McLachlan, founder of Sequins and Sand. Connect with Sequins and Sand on Google+.