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You Know All Those Things You've Always Wanted To Do? Go Do Them! Age is Irrelevant

Evie Foster - 16th November 2016

You know all those things you've always wanted to do? Why haven't you done them? Are you afraid to fail? Worried what people will think? Scared you will look silly? No money? I understand, truly I do!

I was 43 years old when the fire in my belly was ignited and the importance of doing all of the things I had ever wanted to do moved high on my priority list. I was always distracted by trying to just get by and was just a little lost under life's responsibilities. I had dreams and lots of them but I had neither the time or the means to really believe that they could
happen, so they just stayed 'dreams'.

In 2007, I had a string of events happen to me that would propel me head long into them. I lost someone close to me and it was unexpected and devastated me but it also shocked me into really knowing and understanding that 'life is short' and that you never know what will happen from one day to the next.

So, when I was made redundant a short time after that, instead of putting my money aside for emergencies, I booked a ticket to New York City - as you do when you are flat broke!

Here I was, 43 years old, not a lot of money, never really travelled much and I was on my own. All by myself in the city that never sleeps! I will never ever forget the feeling of flying in to New York and seeing Manhattan - it was truly the moment my life began to change because I changed my thinking and realising this dream gave the rest of my dreams momentum.

The following year, I started pursuing other dreams, such as, having my own plus size clothing label. It was not easy and I remember that I didn't even have $12 to buy a domain name. But little by little, baby step by baby step - I did it! In 2009 I showcased my label in New York and ticked another dream off my list. I might add, to do that, I gave up everything! My home, kissed my adult children and grandchildren goodbye and headed off. Was I nervous? No, I was terrified but I did it

I guess the point is, it doesn't matter how old you are or what your circumstances are, you just need to go do them, so that when you wake up one day and life has passed you by, you will know in your heart of hearts that you either did 'it' or you gave it your very best shot. Once I decided that I was not going to sit back and just watch my life pass me by and found the belief in myself - I knew the rest would come. Life is so precious and so short and I would rather fail a million times than not try at all. I remember thinking that most of my dreams were unattainable and so they were.

So my message is this. Buy the shoes. Use the crystal glasses. Go to the places you have always wanted to see. Tell the ones you love that you love them, wear your cossie in public. Eat the cake. Start that business. Write that book - truly live your life to the fullest. Just GO AND DO IT!


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Thanks, Peace, Love and Adventure.

Evie Foster.

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