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What's your summer style? Are you a Boho Beach Babe?

You're no slave to fashion, but you have a sixth sense for putting together pieces in a unique way that expresses your individuality and free spirit. And you make it look so damn effortless. Could you be the essence of a Boho Beach Babe?

The Boho Beach style is eclectic and free spirited, often layered, with loose, flowing, tiered garments of varying length, pattern, colour and texture.

If you're a Boho Beach girl you're probably drawn to strong earthy colours, often interspersed with bright bejewelled hues. Emerald green, rustic orange, chocolates, plums, warm rich yellows and blues, plus of course white for a fresher look for the beach. You're definitely not afraid to be eclectic and experimental. If you've not put a colour combo together before and it works...all the better!

Accessories are essential as they help pull your look together. Your first thought should be naturals: wood, stones and leather. Then you can bring in silks and glass, every metal known to man and sueded tassles to embellish. And don't forget some carefully chosen vintage jewellery – an essential part of any Boho babe's outfit.

Strong statement belts are an absolute must, with warm rich browns the ticket. A pair of strappy flats or thongs complete the look.

You worship the kaftan and love its versatility – over skirts, slips or pants, and loosely belted if you like.

For your viewing pleasure...
...we've teamed together a few pieces from our range to create a selection of Boho beach-to-bar looks. Click on the pics to see them in their full glory.

Not convinced that Boho is quite your style? Maybe you're a Classic Girl, or more the Bright and Breezy type.

Relax and love your boho beauty.
Anita & the girls @ Sequins and Sand
Experts in 'Beach to Bar' dressing Sequins & Sand is dedicated to helping busy women 35+ look and feel fabulous on the beach and beyond. Find your boho pieces in the shop. We adore boho:)

Written By: Anita McLachlan, founder of Sequins and Sand. Connect with Sequins and Sand on Google+.

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