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Family Travel

Marriott understands that family travel is different. Baby facilities, inter-connecting rooms, or activities might top your list. Take a look at our family favourites.

Spa Accommodation

Relax unwind and rejuvenate with top-notch spa accommodation from Marriott. Here in Australia, Indonesia, US or Europe – treat yourself.

Wedding Venue

When you choose a Marriott wedding venue you’re in good hands, from the first meeting to the last dance. Your special day starts here.

Relaxing Holiday

Relaxing holidays, romantic breaks or rip-roaring adventures, Escape!SM packages from Marriott are well worth a look…

Ski Resorts

Get out on the slopes and deep in the white stuff with Marriott ski resorts. Quality hotels in stunning locations, all over the world.


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Uncover Your Inner Holiday Girl and Get The Most From Your Precious Summer Breaks - 22 January 2013

"I used to have fun" laments Donna Sheridan. That line in Mama Mia struck a chord with me. Actually, more than a chord, it was like the Incredible Hulk had just whacked a gong the size of my local footy field. I still feel it today. Summer holidays are precious and the perfect time to relax and be you. Question is, would you give yourself permission to peel back the layers and be the real you? Is it just too hard or have you simply forgotten? more »

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