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Wide Thighs and Hips

If you're part of the 'hip' crowd then these swimwear and resortwear styles are best for you. Look for features and details that will lift attention towards your beautiful face, and leave those hips alone. It's all about lengthening and detracting (sounds medieval!).

For Swimwear, consider a darker, plain bottom with a contrasting top that 'pops'. A slightly higher leg will help to lengthen - avoid a 'boyleg' cut all cost! If modesty is more your thing, then think styles that will skim not cling. A cute swimdress that falls from the bust and falls just below the thigh tops could be the ticket for you.

A retro style with a lower body is another great option. In many ways the hemline at the front is rather like the lines of the swimdress skirt.

A two piece may be your swimwear saviour if your top is a size or two different to your bottom. Tankini's are a great option if a Bikini scares the pants off you.

A line styles will give you the extra room in the hip you need. Crossover ruching, frills and extra details about the bust will help to give them a helping hand and 'even out' what's going on about those hips. They will also keep the focus up. The triangle shaped tops are perfect for you (like the one in the main photo) again, keeping the focus up at the bust. An empire line cut, even better.

But if you are tempted by a bikini (and we say go for it!) then the Frilled style with a deep frill and matching high pant is a wonderful style. The depth of the frill is the master of keeping the eyes up. Works bests of a medium to fuller bust.

If you are smaller up top, then a triangle shape bikini top is the go. With added adornments like frills and fringes...patterns too. Consider a printed top and a darker, plain bottom!

Do with clothing as you would for swimwear.
Add colour, print and detailing about the bust and neckline. Accessories like there is no tomorrow. Avoid wearing tops that finish at your widest part. Have them sit higher on your hip or beyond to above the knee.

Dresses that skim the hips like A line shapes with more detail up top. Lovely long Maxi's, a must. Rejoice and belt that higher waist!

Enjoy your summer hipsters!

Anita. xx
Sequins and Sand

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