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Tummy Taming

For loads of reasons our bellies change and get bigger. It's the most popular 'figure fix' help our customers ask us for.

A fuller belly needs summer clothing and swimwear that will either help to create the illusion of a waist, skim not cling and detract with prints and cleverly crafted features. Swimwear with tummy controlling powernetting to bring you in a little is handy too.

Swimwear: Ruching, ruffles, flounces and diagonal lines. Ruffles I hear you say? Let me explain.

Ruching about the belly is your best friend as are prints. Anything flat or 'mono-toned' will show the lumps and bumps more. Styles that feature details that 'cinch' a little and meet at the natural waist are a winner.

Ruffles - The other round tummy wonder is the Tiered or Frilled Onepiece or Tankini. Don't has me how, but it just works. Looks great on short or taller girls too. Doesn't matter, it gets the job done and with minimal fuss!

Flounces - THE most popular swimsuit styles here at Sequins and Sand are the Flouncy which does what it says, flounces over the belly without any cling but nicely firm about the hips for a little shape.

Diagonals - The Crossover style with its diagonal lines works like a wrap dress does. It visually elongates as it helps to reclaim a waist. If you have a fuller bust as well, this is definitely a hot contender.

Clothing: Look for a classic mostly up and down, 'shift' cut. Tunics do this well. They skim and won't cling. Kaftans do this too as their seams are sewn typically straight up and down. Just avoid those with excess 'wings'. Look for fine fabrics with great drape to minimise this. If a kaftan is belted, then consider tying it loosely to the back to fold those 'wings' away. Empire lines that fall from under the bust will work well too. Just make sure they aren't too full as they fall as that will create extra unwelcome bulk.

Go get 'em!
Anita & The Girls xx

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