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Beach Wedding Guest

Beach weddings are growing in popularity every year. A more relaxed affair in a stunning setting. What's not to love! A chance to combine a holiday with the main event, perfect!

From casual to chic, we've got you covered.

Kaftans and Maxi dresses are made for beach weddings. Lustrous silks, bejeweled detailing, printed or plain, bright or softly muted tones. They're so versatile, will pack down to nothing and dry in a flash!

Get more bang for your buck. Dress them up with wedges, bling and that must have clutch for the do then dress them down with flats, shorten them with a belt or by knotting them up then take them to the pool over your swimwear!

Don't be afraid to glam up your daytime look girls. Make the most of it!
Enjoy! xx