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Beach towels are a summer must have for beach and pool days. If you need to carry more than a few or if you want to pack smart, then a light weight towel is the answer. Our online range of hand loomed towels from Australia's Sunny Jim are fun, striking and different and make a lovely gift.

If you like to lie on the sand on on the sun lounge in comfort and style, then these fab towels from Eb&Ive are the go. A little thicker and lined with a stunning signature print they are just gorgeous and will match your swimsuit an beach dress beautifully. Thoughtfully and cleverly they also have a zip pocket for your phone, keys, lipbalm and money. Thank goodness!

Summer style doesn't have to stop with a cossie. Team a towel and look fab on your next summer holiday.

Anita & The Girls @
Sequins and Sand

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