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You Lent a Hand to Devasted Queensland and Beyondblue. A Big 'Thank You!' from Sequins and Sand

We are a proud Queensland based business and wish all our fellow Queenslanders all the very best as they rebuild their lives. Here's how you've helped.

Back in December we decided that January was going to be Give Back Month and we encouraged our Snippet newsletter girls and anyone who visited us, to vote for their favourite charity in the HG Weekly Poll.

Those nominated were:

Well, we are delighted to announce that Beyond Blue was the winner. 5% of all January sales have now been donated to them. Sequins and Sand promised to match that amount and give it to the official Qld Government Flood Relief Appeal... the Premier's Disaster Relief Fund. That money has been deposited too.

Every bit does indeed help so thanks girls!

Now...what about that bugger of a cyclone, Yasi! We will back up and do it all again in February, to help the great folk of the tropical north. So 10% of all sales in February will be donated to the Qld Premier's Disaster Relief Fund in March.

Please consider doing what you can to help Queensland rebuild, it's not always about donating money. 1 in 8 jobs are linked to agriculture in Qld and some 220,000 people work in the tourism industry*. So take that holiday and buy those Aussie bananas when they're next on the shelves! Livelihoods depend on it.

Anita and Pip
Sequins and Sand...the spirit of summer

*source: Qld State Budget 2010/11