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Will This Summer Hat Suit Me?

Sun Hats not only shield our beautiful faces from the harsh sun, they also cover up a "no go" hair day and add a bit of nouse and polish to your overall look.

With 2 in 3 Australians likely to contract skin cancer before they are 70*, wearing one can be life saving.

If you don't normally wear a hat, it can be a little daunting, so knowing that a particular hat is going to look great on you definitely helps your confidence in donning one.

A wide brimmed hat with gentle curves is a real winner as it will suit most face shapes. Great for curvy girls too as your body curves work well with that of the hat.

Small face? Narrower brim works best. It's a proportion thing.

A long face and a round face will benefit from the width of a brim, while a Square face will benefit from the soft edges - check out the photo of square faced Jessica Simpson with a soft mid-brimmed hat below.

The only face shape that it might not be so fantastic on is a heart shaped face, as the heart shape face already has a wide forehead and small jawline and chin, so a hat with a smaller brim such as a cowboy hat (see below) would be a better option.

Hope that helps!


These fabulous tips are courtesy of Truly. We adore Truly.
It's a website that makes choosing fashion a little easier if you aren't body perfect. At the girls can make sure that all this knowledge is applied to your clothing choices and body shape without you having to think too much about it.

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